Taming the twist
Tips on how to prepare braided flex
2 June, 2016 by
Taming the twist
Lampfix, Max Faulkner
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A common question

A question I am often asked is 'how do I use this stuff without it being messy? The braid goes everywhere!' My answer is that there is more than one way to do it (and many of our restorer friends would bear this out) but there is a tried and tested method we follow here at Lampfix.

Simple solution

To best answer this common question I decided to video Laurie actually preparing braided flex whilst describing each step. Nothing magical but might save you some time.

Go ahead and watch this 2 minute clip - I trust you find it helpful! 


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Taming the twist
Lampfix, Max Faulkner
2 June, 2016
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