Choosing the right cordgrip lampholder: Explore the Range of Pendant Lampholder Possibilities at Lampfix

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Choosing the right cordgrip lampholder: Explore the Range of Pendant Lampholder Possibilities at Lampfix
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith

When it comes to creating a unique and stylish lighting setup, pendant lampholders are a popular choice. At Lampfix, we understand the diverse needs of our customers, especially those looking for lamp holders that hang off a wire. That's why we proudly present our extensive cordgrip lampholder range, designed to cater to various tastes and preferences.

If you're new to using pendant lampholders, we recommend checking out our guide blog on "How to make a pendant" for valuable insights. Often referred to as cordgrip lampholders, these fixtures feature a cordgrip that allows safe hanging from the ceiling.

We understand and use our lampholders and show you how we use them on a video on each product page!

Metalbrite ES Cordgrip Lampholder - Smooth and Threaded Skirt Options

Our Metalbrite ES Cordgrip Lampholders embody old-school quality with solid brass construction and ceramic inserts. Built to outlast plastic alternatives, these lampholders are available in two types: one with threaded skirts for shades and the other with smooth skirts, perfect for showcasing braided cables. With seven finishes to choose from, these lampholders add a touch of elegance to your space. They can handle a weight of up to 2.5 kilograms, allowing you to unleash your creativity in designing unique lighting arrangements.

Key Features:

- Solid brass construction

- Threaded or smooth skirt options

- Made in Britain

- Ceramic insert for durability

- Supports shades (threaded skirt option)

- Earth terminal for safety

- Suitable for E27 bulbs

Metalbrite ES Cordgrip Lampholder [Decorative Knurled Skirt]

For a statement-making lampholder, our Metalbrite ES Cordgrip Lampholder with a decorative knurled skirt is a standout choice. Featuring a heavy and over-engineered design, this lampholder adds a "wow" factor to your lighting setup. The detailed, extra-thick brass skirt provides an engineered look, especially stunning with oversized bulbs. While it doesn't support shades, its unique design makes it a focal point in any room.

Key Features:

- Machined solid brass

- Decorative knurled skirt

- Made in Britain

- Ceramic insert for longevity

- Earth terminal for safety

- Suitable for E27 bulbs

Scandi ES Cordgrip Lampholder

For a natural and Scandinavian-inspired look, our Scandi ES Cordgrip Lampholder with a real wooden cover is the perfect choice. With finishes in Limed, Natural, and Dark, these lampholders offer a unique aesthetic. Suitable for E27 bulbs, they bring a touch of nature to your lighting fixtures.

Key Features:

- Real wooden cover

- Available in three finishes

- Double insulated for safety

- Suitable for E27 bulbs

Gloss Porcelain ES Cordgrip Lampholder

Add a pop of color to your lighting with our Gloss Porcelain ES Cordgrip Lampholder. These bright and traditional lampholders are ideal for creating a vibrant "bare bulb" look. Perfect for use with contrasting colored cables, these lampholders are a fun and creative choice.

Key Features:

- Bright and colorful finish

- Easy to connect to cable

- No earth required

- Fragile, handle with care

- Suitable for E27 bulbs

Continental ES Cordgrip Lampholder - Smooth and Threaded Skirt Versions

Designed for Edison screw bulbs (E27) commonly used in Europe, our Continental ES Cordgrip Lampholders offer versatility. Choose between smooth and threaded skirts based on your preference for a naked bulb look or using shades. These economical and easy-to-use lampholders are available in black and white.

Key Features:

- Original looking finish

- Can take 2 or 3 core cable

- Economical and easy to use

- Double insulated for safety

Metalbrite BC Cordgrip Lampholder

The Metalbrite BC Cordgrip Lampholder offers durability and quality with its solid brass construction. British-made and available in seven finishes, these lampholders are a favorite among architects and interior designers. Designed to take shades, they come with shade rings for easy customization.

Bakelite BC Cordgrip Lampholder

A staple in British houses for over 100 years, the Bakelite BC Cordgrip Lampholder is a well-made unit with a classic design. Double insulated and available in black or white, these lampholders are budget-friendly and practical.

Metalbrite SES Cordgrip Lampholder [Smooth and Threaded Skirt]

Designed for SES bulbs, the Metalbrite SES Cordgrip Lampholder comes in both smooth and threaded skirt options. The smooth skirt version is not designed to hold a shade, while the threaded skirt version is shade compatible. These slimline lampholders are small, slimline, and British-made, making them a favorite among architects for their high quality.

Slimline ES and SES Cordgrip Lampholder

These lampholders look a little more contemporary than our British made models. Simple and 'no nonsense,' these are simply a metal sleeve over a standard plastic lampholder.  They are available in black and white powdercoat  which is unique to this range. 

Transparent SES Cordgrip Lampholder

For a unique and transparent design, the 05970 Transparent SES Cordgrip Lampholder is an excellent choice. Ideal for pendants, it takes one SES/E14 lamp and is shade compatible. The transparent design adds a modern touch to your lighting fixtures.

At Lampfix, we take pride in offering a diverse range of pendant lampholders to suit every style and requirement. Whether you're looking for classic elegance, natural aesthetics, or contemporary designs, our cordgrip lampholder collection has something for everyone. Illuminate your space with quality, style, and creativity with Lampfix pendant lampholders.

Choosing the right cordgrip lampholder: Explore the Range of Pendant Lampholder Possibilities at Lampfix
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith 22 January 2024
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