Where have the Ceiling Maestros gone?

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7 October 2022 by
Where have the Ceiling Maestros gone?
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith

A lot of people are asking where the ceiling maestros have gone.

The ceiling maestro was essentially a ceiling rose with detatchable hook that had terminals within, offering an easy way to simply 'unplug' your light fitting from the ceiling without having to touch the electrics, much as you would unplug a table lamp from the wall socket. This gave a real benefit to cleaning ceiling light fittings.

It was a patented product manufactured by Lewden. Lewden has been innovative throughout its life introducing many unique and award winning electrical solutions, such as the Ceiling Maestro.

Unfortunately, (we do not know why) Lewden has ceased to manufacture this product. Lampfix used to stock the line, as did many other suppliers in the UK, but stocks have now run dry. 

A seemingly simple product like this actually has many technical and legal/safety considerations, so to make something similar would involve much investment - we can only hope Lewden can bring out something similar soon.

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Where have the Ceiling Maestros gone?
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith 7 October 2022
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