Exploring Lampfix's Range of Miscellaneous Lampholders

16 January 2024 by
Exploring Lampfix's Range of Miscellaneous Lampholders
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith

Lamp holders, the unsung heroes of lighting fixtures, are often overlooked but play a crucial role in delivering the right glow to your space. Lampfix, a trusted supplier of lighting components, proudly presents a selection of less commonly used lampholders we categorise as "Miscellaneous Lampholders." This diverse range caters to unique lighting needs and applications, providing solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

Festoon Lampholders:

Festoon lampholders are not just about illumination; they are about creating an ambiance. Lampfix offers both plastic and porcelain versions, each with its own set of advantages. The plastic Festoon lampholder is tailored for specific festoon cables, while the porcelain alternative can accommodate any decorative lighting cable, allowing for creative flexibility in your lighting designs.

GU10 Lampholders:

Lampfix's GU10 lampholders come in prewired and unwired options, providing versatility for various applications. The prewired version features two cable tails for easy installation, while the unwired alternative comes with a 10mm thread entry, which enables it to be secured to a standard 10mm male lighting thread. These GU10 lampholders are essential components for downlighters, offering convenience and reliability in mains 240V applications.

G9 Lampholders:

The G9 lampholder from Lampfix is a convenient replacement for G9 fittings commonly found in contemporary mass-produced lighting. This lampholder ensures compatibility and ease of installation with its push in terminals and click together assembly, making it a handy solution for those looking to upgrade or repair their lighting fixtures.

G4 Lampholders:

Designed for 12V light fittings with transformers, Lampfix's G4 lampholders cater to specific needs. While G4 fittings are less commonly used in decorative lighting manufacturing today due to the rise of LED technology, these lampholders remain essential for certain applications such as the renovation of an existing light fitting. The complexity introduced by LED voltage and driver compatibility has shifted the landscape, making G4 lampholders a less favoured choice, and it can be easier to convert the whole light fitting to mains 240V operation.

T12 End Caps:

T12 Tube End Caps from Lampfix serve as replacements for fluorescent tubes, in environments where such tubes are still in use. As fluorescent tubes phase out due to changing environmental regulations, these end caps become crucial for those seeking to maintain and extend the life of their existing fixtures.

Linear 117mm Double Ended Lampholder:

Commonly found in floodlights that once accommodated 150W and 300W linear halogen bulbs, Lampfix's Linear 117mm Double Ended Lampholder is an ideal replacement component. As technology advances, LED equivalents for linear halogens are now available on the market, providing energy-efficient alternatives for your lighting needs.


Lampfix's Miscellaneous Lampholders go beyond the mainstream, offering solutions for unique lighting challenges. From festoon options that spark creativity to G4 lampholders designed for specific voltage requirements, Lampfix ensures that your lighting projects shine bright with reliability and innovation. Explore the range on Lampfix's website and discover the perfect lampholder to illuminate your space with style and efficiency.

Exploring Lampfix's Range of Miscellaneous Lampholders
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith 16 January 2024
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