Our Passion: Helping people

Why buy from Lampfix

Biggest UK range of components in one place
Easiest people to deal with
We offer the best service

Core Values

We Do What We Say
  • We enjoy what we do and contribute to an unbeatable team.
  • We respect each other, we respect our customers, we respect our suppliers. 
  • We are hardworking, unpretentious, upfront and authentic.
  • We simply do as we say we do - to quote Rustins, “does what it says on the tin”.
No Shortcuts
  • We are granular and pay attention to detail. 
  • Our ethos is to listen carefully, get a grasp of the problem and then work together to solve it. 
  • We work methodically and tidily in administration, operations and distribution. 

We Care
  • We believe in helping people.
  • We put ourselves in the other person's shoes - we empathise
  • We always try and find ways to say yes and give a bit extra.
  • We are careful with our resources - we repair, reuse and recycle.