Battenholders: Considerations, Materials, and Installation

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Battenholders: Considerations, Materials, and Installation
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith

Panel mounting lampholders (battenholders) play a crucial role in lighting fixtures, offering a secure and functional solution for mounting light bulbs. Whether you're an electrician, DIY enthusiast, or simply looking to upgrade your lighting fixtures, understanding the considerations, materials, and installation options is essential. In this guide, we'll explore the various aspects of panel mounting lampholders, including caps, positions, materials, fixings, and compatibility with BESA boxes.

Cap Options:

When it comes to panel mounting lampholders, the choice of cap is vital. We offer a range of caps, such as E14, E27, E40, BC, and SBC, ensuring compatibility with different light bulbs. Each cap serves a specific purpose and is designed to accommodate various types of bulbs, providing flexibility for your lighting needs.

Mounting Positions and Accessories:

Panel mounting lampholders come in different positions to cater to diverse lighting setups. Some are mounted directly onto surfaces, where the fixing is made through the base of the inside of the lampholder or lugs either side. L bracket versions set the lampholder parallel to the mounting surface. This feature is particularly handy for uplighters or fixtures within housings. Consider the intended use and select the mounting position that best suits your lighting design.

Materials Matter:

The material of the lampholder greatly influences its quality and durability. Solid brass lampholders are considered high-quality and more expensive, offering longevity and a premium aesthetic. Alternatively, plated metal or plastic lampholders provide a more budget-friendly option. Choose the material that aligns with your preferences and budget constraints.

Fixings and Accessories:

Consider the type of fixings required for your lampholder installation. Some may need matching brass screwheads for a cohesive look. If so, these can be conveniently purchased on our site. Additionally, check if shade rings are necessary for your lampholder. Some come with shade rings included, while others require a separate purchase. Rest assured, we offer a variety of shade rings to ensure your needs are covered.

BESA Box Compatibility:

For those looking to install lampholders on BESA boxes, it's crucial to check the product description for compatibility. Some lampholders come with the correct fixing hole positions, making them suitable for easy installation on BESA boxes. Look out for this information in the product description to ensure a seamless and secure fit.

Panel mounting lampholders offer versatility and functionality in lighting solutions. Consider the cap type, mounting position, material, fixings, and BESA box compatibility to make informed choices for your lighting fixtures. Explore our range, and rest easy knowing that we provide comprehensive solutions, including matching brass screwheads and shade rings, to enhance your lighting experience.

Battenholders: Considerations, Materials, and Installation
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith 12 January 2024
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