[E27 Lampholder]

Metalbrite ES Cordgrip Lampholder [Threaded Skirt]


For use on pendants
Shade Compatible (Lock Ring Not Included)
British Made
Takes 1 x E27 (ES) Lamp
Height: 66mm
Diameter: 38mm

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£ 17.33 Excluding VAT

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    Is the metalbrite ES threaded skirt lampholder right for me? 

    by Deryck Smith



    • Intro

    • What is this product?

    • Pros and Cons

    • How to use it 

    • What light bulb does it take?

    • When should I buy it?

    • How do I buy it?

    • Further Learning




    I have wired thousands of these lampholders during my time at Lampfix. I love them but I know they are not everyone's cup of tea.

    I can tell you the good things, the bad things and show you how to wire it. 

    I want to help you make the right choice.



    What is this product?


    This is a lampholder. It is the bit of a light that holds the light bulb. This particular version mounts a hanging cable, bulb facing down. This version is also designed to be able to take shade locking rings, to hold shades which have openings of 40mm wide.

    It is a metal lampholder and therefore has an earth terminal located inside.

    I have heard them referred to as bulb holders, sockets, fixtures, you name it.




    Pros and Cons




    • Its made from solid brass

    • Made in Britain

    • Can hold a shade with 40mm opening.

    • Ceramic insert

    • Won't burn out

    • Long-lasting

    • Easy to use

    • Good looking





    • Doesn't hold shades with openings of 30mm

    • Need to buy shade rings separately (buy 2 per lampholder)

    • Expensive (compared to other lampholders)

    • Cannot be used with 2 core cable -  (Class 1 fittings must be earthed)




    How to use it


    We recommend you are competent at electrics to do this. If in doubt you should consult an electrician.
    Watch the Video (see icon under the picture at the top) on how to wire this lampholder.  




    What light bulb does it take?


    This lampholder takes an E27 or 'ES' bulb.  An ES bulb has a screw cap on it, 27mm wide, and one of the most common bulbs in the UK.

    Mainstream domestic light bulb cap

    Other names/phrases commonly used

    E27 Cap

    27mm Width


    Edison Screw


    Large Screw

    Standard Screw type




    When should I buy it?


    in the following scenarios:

    • to wire to existing cable set you already have

    • to replace an existing lampholder

    • need it with other pendant light parts like the cable and ceiling rose.


    Here is an article where you can learn more about making your own pendant light.





    How do I buy it?


    You can buy 1 or more here on this webpage.

    We store them here in boxes of 10.

    The price reduces on 10, 25, 50 & 100 pieces.

    You can purchase on page or via a local dealer (you can quote us to most electrical wholesalers and lighting shops). Dealers set their own pricing.

    If you are in the market for our products for the long term you could become a dealer/trade buyer.  Read our article 'Is Lampfix a good fit for my business?'

    Request your log in where you can view and buy at your own discounted pricing. (contact us)





    Further learning


    Article: How to make a pendant

    Article: How to take apart an ES lampholder

    Warnings / Disclaimers

    Must use 3 Core Flex, if in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

    Lampholder Max Wattage information

    We recommend using LED lamps (up to 20W) wherever possible to reduce heat production and energy consumption.

    Quite apart from the lampholder, lamps produce heat and can burn shades if they are too close.

    You should also consider the proximity of the shade if applicable. This will dictate the wattage of the lamp used.

    If you are considering lamps above 100 Watts please contact us.