[Ceiling Rose]

Metalbrite 85mm Ceiling Rose


British Made
Metal Housing
85mm Width
Height - 21mm
Single Outlet
Comes with bracket and thumb screws
Cable grips included

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£ 14.17

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    Is the Metalbrite 85mm ceiling rose right for me? 

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    • Intro

    • What is this product?

    • Pros and Cons

    • How to use it 

    • What cable does it take?

    • When should I buy it?

    • How do I buy it?

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    I have used thousands of these roses during my time at Lampfix. They are simple to use and are the most common model we use on bespoke pendants.

    I can tell you the good things, the bad things and show you how to wire it. 

    I want to help you decide if it is right for you.



    What is this product?


    This is a ceiling rose. It is the bit of a light that electrical wire on lights hangs from. This particular version mounts a hanging cable, bulb facing down. I have heard them referred to as bases, pendants, fixtures, you name it. 

    It allows connection from power circuit to light fitting.  

    It comprises:

    1. A metal saddle that fixes to ceiling

    2. A cover plate that offers up

    3. A cable restraint to hold the cable

    4. Thumb screws to hold in place. 




    Pros and Cons




    • Its made from solid brass

    • Made in Britain

    • Long-lasting

    • Easy to use

    • Good looking

    • Can be powder coat to a specified RAL colour if required. (Contact us)





    • Costs more than plastic ceiling roses.

    • No integral connection terminals. You will need to use your own 5A connector block. This is an item electricians will have in their tool kit.




    How to use it


    We recommend you are competent at electrics to do this. If in doubt you should consult an electrician.

    Watch the video on the picture slider above showing how to use this ceiling rose. 





    What cable does it take?


    This rose is takes 0.75mm flexible cable.  See our cable section for options.



    When should I buy it?


    in the following scenarios:

    • to wire to existing cable set you already have

    • to replace an existing ceiling rose

    • need it with other pendant light parts like the cable and lampholder.


    Here is an article where you can learn more about making your own pendant light.



    How do I buy it?


    You can buy 1 or more here on this webpage.

    We store them here in boxes of 10.

    The price reduces on 10, 25, 50 & 100 pieces.

    You can buy on this page or via a local dealer (you can quote us to most electrical wholesalers and lighting shops). Dealers set their own pricing.

    If you are in the market for our products for the long term you could become a dealer/trade buyer.  Read our article 'Is Lampfix a good fit for my business?'

    Request your log in where you can view and buy at your own discounted pricing. (contact us)





    Further learning


    Article: How to make a pendant

    Warnings / Disclaimers

    Warning if in any doubt about wiring consult an electrician. 


    Colour Options Brass or Brushed Brass or Antique Brass or Bronze or Nickel or Brushed Nickel or Brushed Steel or Chrome or Copper or Rustic or Black or Matt Black or White