[Stairwell Pendant Rose]

650mm Circular Ceiling Rose


Width 650mm
Metal Housing
Height 30mm
Bracket and Cable grips included

Available as a complete made up cluster pendant by following the steps below.

Lead times:
Unwired (as is, or with outlets created) 1-2 Days
Wired (if ordered with cable, lampholders, outlets and assembly as below) 3-4 Days
These times are subject to the base plate being in stock, see availability below.

Does not include cable, lampholders, outlets or assembly, all of which can be ordered separately, see below.

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£ 268.00

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    Build your dream stairwell pendant in 5 steps.

     Larger ceiling plates are perfect for creating spiral stairwell pendants or suspending creative shades. Follow the steps below to tailor the light to your specific requirements.

    1. Choose the rose

    2. Decide the cable drops

    3. Choose which cable

    4. Choose the lampholders

    5. Put it together


    1. Choose the rose

    • Choose a blank rose to start with, from the above options or see others in the Ceiling rose category

    2. Decide the cable drops

    • Think about how you want the cables to look. Do you want them spiraling around the edge of the plate, or do want them spiraling into the centre?
      • Default Location of outlets is 30mm from edge, evenly spaced around perimeter
      • If you are using shades, tell us the width of them and we can check they won't touch adjacent wires.
      • Work out how many cable drops you want.
    • Purchase outlets here

    3. Choose the cable

    • You now know the drop quantity
    • If spiralling the drops, calculate the lengths of the cable drops:
      • First calculate the increments: [Longest Length - Shortest Length] / [Drop Quantity -1].
      • Then list out the lengths, shortest first, add the increment for the next, and so forth.
      • Add up the lengths and order the total amount of cable as one length.
    • For more help ordering the right cable, see our pendant blog, specifically step 2 : Choosing The Cable.
    • We can work out the above for you - email a sketch with dimensions to sales@lampfix.co.ukand tell us if the outlet locations vary from the default. 
    • Purchase cable here - be sure to choose 3 core 0.75mm cable

    4. Choose the lampholders

    5. Put it together

    • If you are an electrician, you might want to wire this yourself. We have done some good videos on how to do this - see our 200mm roses in this category.
    • Otherwise, you might wish us to make it up for you - we charge per cable drop.
    • Just choose the number of cable drops you are having from step 3
    • If you are new to this and unsure, why not call us to talk it through? Call 01462 731 173.
    • We're always helping!

    Warnings / Disclaimers

    Before starting any electrical work, always switch off at the mains.  If in doubt consult a competent electrician



    Colour Options Antique Brass (Brushed) or Brushed Steel or Black or White