[450mm Circular Rose]

Multi-Outlet Circular Ceiling Rose XXXL (450mm)


Width 450mm
Metal Housing
Height 30mm
Bracket and Cable grips included
Lead time 2-3 Days

1. I have purchased the right qty of cable outlets for my rose
2. I have specified the location of the outlets on my rose
3. I have checked the width of shades I am using will not touch adjacent cable drops.
4. I have calculated the lengths of the cable drops I need
5. I have ordered my cable and lampholders
6. I have ordered the make up service.

To protect you from receiving a product that does not work perfectly for you, we will not process bespoke rose orders until we have received confirmation on the above 6 points.

See Checklist help below.

£ 260.56 260.56 GBP £ 260.56 Excluding VAT

£ 134.89 Excluding VAT

Not Available For Sale

    This combination does not exist.

    Checklist Help
    • Purchase cable outlets here
    • Default Location of outlets is 30mm from edge, evenly spaced around perimeter
    • Tell us the width of the shades you are using and we will check they won't touch adjacent wires.
    • If spiralling the drops, calculate the lengths of the cable drops by doing this: [Longest Length - Shortest Length] / [Drop Quantity -1], or ask us to.
    • For help ordering the right cable and lampholders, see our pendant blog. 
    • You can order an assembly service here.

    Applications / Guidance

     Larger ceiling plates are a great way to hide up holes in the ceiling. They are also great for creating spiral pendants or suspending creative shades.

    Warnings / Disclaimers

    Before starting any electrical work, always switch off at the mains.  If in doubt consult a competent electrician