A Guide to Candle Lampholders and Accessories for Opulent Chandeliers

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A Guide to Candle Lampholders and Accessories for Opulent Chandeliers
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith

Chandeliers and candelabras have long been symbols of sophistication and grandeur in lighting design. One key element that enhances their timeless appeal is the use of candle lampholders. These elegant components not only replicate the charm of traditional candles but also offer a versatile platform for various decorative enhancements. In this guide, we explore the world of candle lampholders, along with candle drips, tubes, and the exquisite French candles for creating opulent chandeliers.

Candle SES Lampholders (E14)

E14 Lampholder - Candle SES Lampholder

The Candle SES Lampholder, designed for Small Edison Screw (SES / E14) bulbs, combines traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. Featuring a 10mm threaded entry and screw terminals, Its 23.5mm diameter ensures compatibility with our standard 24mm internal diameter candle tubes. These come in 4 heights, 50mm, 65mm, 85mm and 100mm. The 50mm version one comes with a dome cap base, while the other 3 come with metal ‘stands’. All 4 sizes screw down onto a 10mm hollow thread on the chandelier. 

We also sell the top sections, stands and dome bases separately if you need. 

Watch the instructional video on these lampholders to get an understanding of how they are wired and the tubes that fit over them.

Candle drips and tubes

These are sleeves that are designed to fit over lampholders creating a candle look to the light fittings. Great care should be taken when selecting these - ensure you have an accurate measurement of the widest point of the lampholder you seek to cover. Then ensure the internal diameter we state in the product description will clear your lampholder. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ lampholder width - dimensions vary between manufacturers and if the sleeve is 0.5mm too narrow, there is nothing you can do to make it fit over your lampholder short of engineering work.

French Candles for Opulent Chandeliers

For a touch of opulence, consider the Prewired French Candle MES 10mm Lampholder This prewired lampholder, with a 10mm threaded entry and an E10 socket exudes classic French elegance. Perfect for creating luxurious chandeliers were the most realistic candle look is required.  

These come assembled with a length of flex as we can give them a positive test result before they leave us, ensuring they work once fitted. We can offer these in parts if needed, but we cannot test them before they leave us. We can even customise these candles to shorter heights if needed, contact us if you need this. Note that returns are not accepted on customised versions. 

At this moment of time we do not offer E10 candle bulbs to fit these lampholders, but they are available for purchase from various online sources.

A Guide to Candle Lampholders and Accessories for Opulent Chandeliers
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith 12 January 2024
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