[Inline Dimmer]

LED Inline Dimmer 1-25W


Width - 20mm, Height - 67mm

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£ 30.42 Excluding VAT

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    Applications / Guidance

    Petite and functional, this tiny little 2 core dimmer can dim both incandescent and LED bulbs.  Incandescent bulbs Max 60w, whilst the LED bulbs up to 25w.  Ensure you use 2 core flat flex (i.e. 01668, 01669, 01672, 01670)  Need to be accurate with cutting and stripping you flex as there is very little room for error due to the space available inside these units.  Cannot be used with light fittings that require an earth.

    Before starting any electrical work, always switch off at the mains.  If in doubt consult a competent electrician