[Foot Dimmer]

Foot Dimmer 300W


Minimum - 60W - Maximum - 300W

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£ 35.85 Excluding VAT

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    Applications / Guidance

    These foot operated dimmers can be used on 240V table and floor standing lamps using incandescent lamps. On/Off switch included, this was a favourite to be fitted to the Halogen uplighters.  With a max rating of 300W, this allowed people to really wash their ceilings with light if they needed too, and dim the light right down to suit the mood if necessary.  The on off switch ensures that you can set the level to what is required then just switch on and off. 

    Foot dimmers are a good way of helping people operate their lights, particularly when the socket happens (as it invariably does) to be situated behind the sofa.

    Before starting any electrical work, always switch off at the mains.  If in doubt consult a competent electrician