Candle BC 10mm Lampholder [Not Earthed]


Not Earthed
BC / B22
10mm Threaded Entry
Not Shade Compatible
Height: 41mm, Width: 24.5mm

£ 2.82 2.82 GBP £ 2.82 Excluding VAT

£ 2.82 Excluding VAT

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    Applications / Guidance

    This lampholder is good quality and is ideal for chandelier repairs, NON-EARTHED LAMPHOLDER.

    Many modern centre light multi-arm light fittings and indeed wall lights will use these lampholders.  They are normally hidden by a glass or a candle tube. Very simple and sometimes called skeleton lampholders these are very narrow and space efficient. Quite a common scenario is where someone has 4 matching 2-arm wall lights in a room with a 5-arm chandelier in the centre, and one of the bulbs keeps flickering.  The problem is that one of these lampholders need replacing.  If you can be bothered to do it Auntie Flo will be delighted and Christmas dinner will be ensured for the next 5 years at least.

    Warnings / Disclaimers

     If in doubt consult an electrician