Offering repair support has never been easier. 

Our posters take the pain out of lamp repair enquiries for counter staff with a 4-Step Process :

1. Email Photos 
  • We have tons of experience solving repairs from photos.
  • Staff don’t need to waste time on research and compatibility
2. Analysis
  • We can talk to customer, excluding pricing.
  • We keep it simple - follow the 80/20 rule. 
  • We suggest the easiest solution first
  • Specific help videos when needed 
3. Process Order
  • process the order (single quote ref on PO)
  • Order online
4. Delivery
  • We deliver next day to store or direct.
  • Refer aftercare queries to us.


  • Wow your customers with our personal service
  • Get leads with our poster
  • Win the order without all the hassle
  • No need to stock
  • Support the circular economy

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