Production & Repairs

Repairs / Restoration

Helping with lighting repairs and restoration

We don't pretend to have all the answers, but there are many years of combined experience at Lampfix enabling us to point you in the right direction both in terms of products and methods/procedures to use.

Here are the recommended steps:

1. Send us a photo of the item(s).

2. We assess it and if possible send you an estimate with itemised material and labour costs.

3. Check the quote and raise any queries.

4. Go ahead with the finalised quote and send us the item(s).

5. Collect and pay once we notify you it is ready.

All restored fittings are PAT tested.

All items left with us must be covered by the customer's own insurance and at the customer's own risk.

Batch Work - Assembling pendants, table lamps and other electrical kits.

We assemble and safety test pendants and other electrical kits at Lampfix, in small to large batches.

Here is our 5 Step Engagement Model

Stage 1

Send your requirement to us with any supplementary photos.  Your requirement may include the use of materials supplied by you.  We will assess your requirement and provide you with an indicative proposal including cost and estimated lead time. This can happen straightaway, provided there are no foreseeable issues, which we discuss with you.  

Stage 2

Finalise the proposal and set the payment terms and obtain order confirmation.

Stage 3

Gather all materials required, including client issue materials. Dry Run or Pre Production Testing and Quality control inspection by us (and client if desired). 

Stage 4

Production and final testing.

Stage 5

Collection/Delivery, Certification and billing.

Send us your requirement 🡢