Is Lampfix a good fit for my business?

9 key points to consider before getting a Lampfix account. Decide if Lampfix is right for you.
22 July 2022 by
Is Lampfix a good fit for my business?
​Lampfix, Deryck Smith

1. What we offer
2. Who can become an account holder
3. The benefits
4. Order quantities
5. Stock levels and delivery
6. Discounts
7. Marketing Support
8. How to order
9. Payment terms

My father began this business in 1975. My brother Laurie joined the partnership in 1998 followed by myself in 2008. What impressed me from the start was the good relationships my Dad and Laurie had with customers. Until recently, they would engage, daily, in person, with shopkeepers in northwest London. The number of electrical shops has dwindled. The supply chain has evolved. The way we and our customers do business has changed. What hasn't changed is trust, built on long term relationships.
And that is why we still have some customers to this day who started with us in 1975!