During lockdown, we had (the technical term for boredom) 'spare capacity' and decided to turn various half finished projects, hopes dreams and plain silly ideas into lamps. Note we do not have lifestyle images of these lamps in exotic locations, as we hope they will be bought by the trade. Each has been PAT tested (comes with a sticker) and are ready to use and be enjoyed. Bit like the old River Island sales, once its gone its gone. Can't promise we will carry on with these because hopefully business will pick up and we'll be busy again!

Rustic Bicycle Lamp
£ 75.00 £ 75.00 75.0 GBP
Comes with BC/B22 switched lampholder. Wired with black triple twisted braided flex & fitted with black plug. Mounted on wooden base 500mm x 140mm. Height 345mm. Wow your friends!!
Tall Bottle Shape Turned Teak Table Lamp
£ 57.00 £ 57.00 57.0 GBP
Height 400mm & Base 97mm. Wired using 3mtr of brown / antique gold triple twisted braided flex & bronze switched BC/B22 lampholder with shade ring. Allows a shade with a 29mm hole to be fitted. Wired to black plug. Elegantly shaped piece of furniture which will enhance any setting.
Turned Oak Table Lamp
£ 46.00 £ 46.00 46.0 GBP
Height 300mm. Comes with solid brass BC/B22 lampholder. Wired using a beautiful brown/gold triple twisted braided flex. Gold interrupter switch allows lamp to be switched without touching the shade. Fully PAT tested. Shade needs a 29mm hole to fit the fitting.
Stubby Teak Table Lamp
£ 38.00 £ 38.00 38.0 GBP
Height 115mm, Diameter 95mm. This quaint stubby lamp is unique. Wired using a decorative antique gold triple twisted braided flex. This light will certainly be one no one else has similar. Brass lampholder with porcelain insert, this graceful, petit light is switched using a gold in line switch. Fully PAT tested.
Solid Natural Slate Table Lamp
£ 78.00 £ 78.00 78.0 GBP
Nice solid weight ensures you can fix a large shade to this lamp without the risk of it toppling over. Wired to 3mtr of beautiful twisted slate grey cable. Fitted with an antique brass switched BC lampholder. Electrically tested. This lamp is absolutely unique!
Wild Flower Painted Wooden Lamp
£ 57.00 £ 57.00 57.0 GBP
Sweet little side lamp, only 8" tall. Will definitely compliment a cottage somewhere.....
It is fitted with a switched brass lampholder & wired with a gold PVC cable.