Summer News
Lighting and connectors for outdoors
14 June, 2018 by
Summer News
Lampfix, Deryck Smith
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Summer Selection

Enjoy the outdoors this summer with our solid brass beacon lights. IP rated and LED compatible, these lights will look fantastic and light up your path in the evening and night times. In the same vein we’re also promoting our high-performance slimline outdoor cable connectors this summer – these top-end products provide real peace of mind for outdoor electrical connections.


Slimline! diameter of only 23mm, very discreet, much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional connectors

Extremely safe.

- FMLB (first make last break) connection, ensuring ground before live connectivity.

- UL94V0 rated (flameproof)

- IP68 rated (suitable to be used in a submerged application in fresh and salt water)

- UV resistant

• High quality materials. Body is PA66 Nylon, giving a robust housing. Contacts are nickel plated, screws are steel.

• Simple to install. Only tool required once cables have been prepared is a slotted screw driver. No special tools needed

• Rated up to 17.5 amps and 450 volts

• Able to wi