New arrivals to our flex range
Flex for LED lighting, chandelier wiring and pigeons!
13 June, 2016 by
New arrivals to our flex range
Lampfix, Deryck Smith
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a restorer's dream...

Exciting additions to our flex range!


Pigeon 3 core 0.5mm Twisted braided flex. This is an unusual and welcome new flex colour that has just flown in to perch on our shelves! 

Funnily enough, this did bring back some childhood memories of a time when I found a poorly racing pigeon in my back garden who had a broken wing. It was during the summer holidays back in the 90s and I had great fun mounting a wooden fruit-crate box on the side of the shed, providing him with food and water and gradually nursing him back to normal health. 'Albert' as he became affectionately known, was quite attached to his temporary home - he stayed in our garden and roosted in his nesting box for the next few months, until he eventually 'flew the nest' and must have rejoined the neighbouring flocks.

Gold chandelier 2 core flex. Same as our 01744 just in a lovely gold colour to blend nicely with brass pieces. Very flat and only 4mm across, this flat, shallow flex is a very discrete option for wiring multiple chandelier arms. This is single insulated.

Transparent Flat Twin Double Wammy! Belt and braces flex to rewire your chandelier with. Ample 0.5mm capacity, double insulated, heat resistant yet very thin profile, this is a very universal, yet discrete chandelier wire option. Running up against glass arms, this flex is almose invisible! Designed for rewiring crystal chandeliers.

LED 2 core flex. Great stuff for wiring up LED strip. Polarity is clearly distinguished in black and red colours. Easy to separate the cores and use in a diverse range of instances.


New arrivals to our flex range
Lampfix, Deryck Smith
13 June, 2016
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