Introducing The Giant Pendant Range
2 June, 2020 by
Introducing The Giant Pendant Range
Lampfix, Ashleigh Graham
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Our New GIANT Pendant Range!

We are excited to announce the release of our stylish pendants, ideal for dining rooms, offices, bars and stairwells.


Each giant pendant will be made to your specification, giving you a unique fitting. 

Whether that is from the number of drops you choose, the lengths, or the positioning on the rose, down to the finish of the rose, flex and lampholders.

The following colours and finishes are available for the roses:

Black         White 

Nickel        Brushed Nickel

Brass         Brushed Brass 

Copper      Brushed Antique Brass

Also RAL colours!

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Rose Sizes Available

Circular Rose Sizes:    Large - 450mm Diameter x 30mm Depth

                                    Standard - 350 Diameter x 30 Depth

Square Rose Sizes:     Large - 450mm x 450mm x 30mm Depth

                                     Medium - 350mm x 350mm x 30mm Depth

                                     Small - 100mm x 100mm x 30mm Depth

Rectangular Rose Sizes: Large - 1m x 150mm x 30mm Depth

                                     Standard - 500mm x 150mm x 30mm Depth


Spiral Drop Increment Length Formula 

Wondering how to work out the measurement of space needed between each drop? 

Take your longest drop length and take away the length of your shortest drop.

Once you have that number you then need to divide it by your [quantity of drops minus one].

That will give you the measurements needed to make the spiral drops stagger in the same length.

For Example: 

We want a 10 drop spiral, with shortest drop at 200mm and the longest at 1500mm.

We take the longest length which is 1500mm, minus the shortest length which is 200mm, equals 1300mm.

Then we divide the answer of 1300mm by 9 (The drop quantity minus 1, so that is 10 drops minus 1 equals 9.)

1300 divided by 9 = 144mm

So we know that all the drops in between have 144mm incremental height difference.

How To Order

The giant roses are currently only bespoke. To order, or discuss your requirements, you can either telephone a member of the sales team, or you can email us. Click the link below to view pricing.

Introducing The Giant Pendant Range
Lampfix, Ashleigh Graham
2 June, 2020
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