Protective Screens and Social Distancing Partitions

Safe distancing rules are there to protect us all. But they pose real issues for organisations trying to maximise the volume of people they can see whilst keeping employees and customers safe.

Keep your employees & your customers safe.

Manufactured in the UK and designed to protect employees of organisations who have customer contact such as high street stores and wholesaler trade counters. The  screens provide a strong, secure and hygienic barrier, minimising the risk of transmission.

  • - Available in a range of sizes and styles
  • - Easily configured to your requirements
  • - Provides shielded interaction
  • - Can be used as a partition
  • - Desktop and hanging screens also available

SANIQUE Testimonial: Hales Sawmills

Watch this video and learn how SANIQUE has helped Hales Sawmills protect their staff, customers and business in this challenging trading person during COVID-19.

"When customers are in here they do feel safer…my staff feel much better, it takes away that bit of people encroaching. We’re just trying to help keep everybody safe."

Julian Parton, Managing Director of Hales Sawmills.



How to install SANIQUE social distancing partitions

Learn how to protect your staff, customers and businesses with SANIQUE. 

Manufactured in the UK, our screens provide a strong, secure and hygienic physical barrier. Available in a range of sizes and styles, this system is easy to configure to your exact requirements, either to allow a shielded interaction with customers or to provide a safe and sanitised partition between queues.

Key Benefits

Creating hygienic barriers with SANIQUE Social Distancing Partitions to enable your business to safely operate whilst protecting your staff and customers.

Protect your customers

Easy-to-sanitise partitions and allow customers to maintain safe social distancing between queues.

Protect your staff

A secure and clear protective screen at till points provides a hygienic barrier whilst allowing minimal customer interaction.

Avoid contamination

Easy-to-sanitise screens help avoid accidental contact and aerosol contamination from sneezes and coughs.

Enhance queue management

Safely re-introduce parallel queues and snake or serpentine queue formations to increase customer throughput in confined areas.


Sanitising Electrical Sprayers

The SANIQUE S-3 and S-9 Sanitising Electric Sprayers have been built for professional first responder sanitising contractors. Their innovative Plug & Spray technology means it gets to work as soon as you do. Meanwhile the dual-action design is both fast acting and effective, giving up to 95% penetration even in hard-to-reach areas.

Electric sprayers atomise under pressure, breaking down the disinfectant particles to under 40 microns, creating a fine spray. When this is used 20-25cm (or 8-10 inches) away, it forms a coating that kills bacteria on surfaces before drying.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

The S-3

  Best suited in offices or other workplaces and businesses where you can leave the machine on the floor and walk around with the hoses.

  • Available for use with 110 or 240 volt supply.
  • Standalone unit with 15m hose.
  • Full 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

The S-9

Best suited for: High use areas, such as warehouses where two operators can use two spray guns (each on 15m hoses) simultaneously. 

  • Available for use with 110 or 240 volt supply (specify when purchasing)
  • Standalone unit with 30m hose
  • Full 2-year manufacturer's warranty

Odoo • Image and Text

Make Hand Washing Safe At Work

Make hand washing safe at work with this mobile hand wash station. 

Using the foot pedal to pump the water means you no longer have to touch a tap.

With no electrical or mains water connection needed you can take this wash station to any location you desire.

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Sanique Products Carriage Prices

                                                           Minimum order value is £50.

                                                    Orders over £200 are carriage paid.

                                      For orders under £200 there is a £9 carriage charge.

Payment Terms

Please Note:

Payment terms & discount structure for SANIQUE and some Covid 19 products are different and separate from those for Lampfix Lighting products.

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